QSHE (Quality, Safety, Health and Environment)


GAI is committed to providing Quality Services and conducting business in a manner that protects the health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients, partners, and the general public whilst sustaining the quality of the environment in which we operate. One of our prime objectives is to be a first-class service provider; providing quality services within a business culture where the health and safety of our personnel as well as protection of the environment take priority over any other considerations.


The company ultimate goal is to conduct its activities without undue impact on the personnel, properties of the company, its contractors, the general public and the environment. The company will persistently endeavor to manage safety, health and environmental risks, through emergency preparedness, contingency planning, response and recovery programmes, training of our personnel in behavioral-based safety, health and environmental compliance as to minimize the number of accidents and losses.


In accordance with our new SHE slogan, "Take SHE to your heart, make it part of your life", we are persuaded that positive thoughts should be a habit for everyone who is earnestly seeking to improve their own basic safety awareness, on and off-the-job.


"To provide quality service and eliminate all incidents and injuries through hazards management & behavioral- based safety, minimize of all environmental footprints, and to be recognized as an industry leader in QSHE excellence"



  • Protect the Health and Safety of its employees, sub-contractors and members of the general public, whilst sustaining the quality of the environment.
  • Create a culture where management, employees and sub-contractors understand and uncompromisingly manage the SHE risks in their working
  • Maintain a QSHE benchmark that is comparable to best-in-industry practice, world-wide.